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5th Korea trip stories part 7 *final*

Hi everyone! Finally last part of my Korea trip stories -series is here! To be honest I'm really busy with school, I have 4 courses and lots of things to do but I took a break to write this post~
I have been a bit stressed lately since I changed my plans for studying and I'm trying to graduate a bit earlier than planned. But things are getting more clearer in next couple weeks so all is good and without further ado let's jump into Korea trip stories~

Day 11


First in the morning we grabbed breakfast from cafe near our hostel and then we were ready for a new day :D Me and Sirja decided to visit Insadong in the morning because we wanted to hunt some souvenirs. Insadong is basically a street for tourists because there are so many shops that sell every kind of items related to korea like for example souvenirs, potteries, art etc.
 What we didn't know is that the day was some kind of national day so as soon as we got into subway we met lots of koreans with korean flags and different kind of accessories with korean flags. Luckily, it wasn't that crowded in Insadong but lots of people were wearing hanboks!

Anyway, we walked through Insadong and I visited one shop which sold a lot of bags, I bought one for my mom (she asked me to bring her a nice bag) and bought one for myself also. After walking around for like an hour we decided to head back to Sinchon to drop our stuff and eat lunch.

We found this great restaurant that was located in basement level opposite of cube mall complex in main street. I got a spicy noodle soup while Sirja got bibimpab.



Later on that day we took a subway to Apgujeong where we met with Laura. I wanted to see the famous K-Star road which I hadn't visited before but felt like everyone else had (even though I had visited Korea so many times). You can access there by taking subway to Apgujeong rodeo station, exit 2. It's basically located in the main street of Apgujeong. It's funny because around it the area is very luxurious and full of luxury brand stores.
We had to walk for 10-minutes before we got into start of the k-star road. At the start of it was a small store selling mini figurines of the k-star road figures but they didn't have any group figurines left that I would have liked to buy. So after a quick look of the store we continued our way to k-star road.

We browsed through the area, it's famous also because many big entertainment agencies like SM, JYP and Cube are located in there. We actually went past SM (which was under construction) and JYP and saw Cube from further away. There was a lot of fans in front of JYP with cameras, I guess some of the artist were inside or coming soon to the agency since the group of fans was quite big. The area itself is surprisingly narrow so there wasn't that much space in that road so we decided not to stay in there even though there were couple cafes and we were craving coffee.

At one point it started raining and we walked a while in the rain before spotting a cafe where we went to warm up and eat delicious honey bread dessert.

If you visit korea, try their honey bread toast, it's sooo good (the calories are worth it lol)

Next we braved the rain and walked through the streets when suddenly we remembered that Moomin cafe is quite close to our location. So we headed up to Moomin cafe :D It's funny that in these couple years Moomin craze has fallen also to South-Korea. When I visited Korea in 2012 and 2013 nobody knew about Moomins and now about everybody knows them. Moomin cafe in apgujeong is quite easy to find, it's near the main street and near Uniqlo.

The first floor is Moomin store where you can buy different kind of Moomin stuff, lots of it is made in korea and looks like a "copy" of moomins but there are also stuff from Muurla and Finlayson (although those are reeeeeally expensive compared to Finland's prices). Top floor is Moomin cafe, you should come there in the morning since in the evening they hardly have any pastries and stuff left. Basement floor is kind of playground, you can take photos with sceneries from Moomin tv series. It was quite fun actually, playing there :D

We spend like an hour in there before going out and wondering what to do next. We decided to go to Dongdaemun, you can access there through Dongdaemun History & Culture park subway station, exit 1. There we first just wandered through Design plaza but it was starting to rain really hard so we went inside Doota mall. We were starting to get hungry so we went to the food court in there. It was really full but we were so hungry that we just hunted free tables for ourselves and ordered food. We ate really good pasta and were really full after that. And it looked like a gourmet meal but cost about 12000won so about 10€ so it was actually really affordable!

After eating we said goodbye to Laura and headed to Sinchon to get a goodnight sleep after a long day. We had only couple days left and we were starting to feel sad that days went past so fast.

Day 12



Because it was our second last full day we decided to go to Myeongdong for the last time to do last minute shopping. We walked in Myeongdong about four hours and also went to eat at one place where they cook your food in front of you in a big pan. It was in one of the Myeongdong's side streets and we encountered aggressive restaurant workers and we just wanted to get out of that street. But then when we were almost off of the street we noticed this restaurant and it just looked interesting so we went in. They had very good food and it was very filling also.


We spent the day leisurely and in the evening we met with my friend Hyojoo in Sinchon who was in the same volunteer program as I was when I was doing my volunteer work period in 2012. We went to eat to one place offering samgyeopsal and some other great dishes. Had a really great dinner and Hyojoo offered to pay it for us, it was so nice of her. So when we went to a cafe after dinner coffees were on me. By the way in Korea, this kind of thing is common especially between friends that somebody is paying the whole thing one time and then next time the other is paying the whole thing. Koreans do not expect this from foreigners but I think it's nice cultural thing.

Day 13

Sports complex + Coex


Day 13 was a fail to be honest. We were going to Sports complex area because Infinite had a concert in there that day and Sirja is a huge Infinite fan. We didn't get tickets through online because it showed sold out but we were told by online ticketing agency interpark, that they may be selling them at the venue. So we went there and this was second frustrating and maddening thing that ever happened to me with concerts. So, we were lingering around ticketing booth (where people got their physical tickets after showing confirmation slip). I heard one korean fan who didn't have ticket asking from staff that if it was possible to still buy tickets. The staff member then answered that if you wait long enough you may get a chance to buy those tickets that are not picked up before concert so come back later. Almost immediately after this korean girl had asked the staff, came a foreigner who asked in english the exact same thing and I was shocked how drastically the replies were different from another. Because the staff member answered like "no, you can't buy tickets anymore". It wasn't even like "come back later and check" but like straight no... talk about discriminating. I was so angry and mad about that attitude that I wanted to leave. Sirja wanted to be around the area for longer and I was just pissed off. Sirja wanted to ask those illegal sellers that in what price would they sell tickets and I was saying to her that just ask them but she was like she doesn't have the courage.. but she still wanted to stay and linger around those sellers.. so I was getting more pissed off and just went to ask myself. When the price was too high to Sirja, I asked Sirja what kind of price she will pay and then I said the price offer to the seller I got cursed and the seller left us angrily. Imagine how I felt around this point. I was also hungry so I said without even considering Sirja anymore that I'm going to eat so Sirja just followed me. We went to Coex where we got our lunch.

Sirja still wanted to go back to venue area while I didn't want to but I didn't want to go our seperate ways in case we couldn't contact each other again for a long time. So I went but we were there for nothing and finally Sirja also gave up. I was seriously angry and pissed off at that point that we wasted our last day in korea to just hanging out in an area where we couldn't even do anything useful.



We went to Ewha and messaged to Su if she was available to join us and pretty soon we met her at a cafe in Ewha. I was calming down a little bit but still annoyed. We just talked for a while and then decided to walk through Ewha's streets and do some shopping also. Little by little I got into a better mood and found some stuff I didn't found in Myeongdong or other places.

In the evening we went to eat to this good chicken place I have mentioned earlier in my previous Korean travel posts. There used to be Baskin and Robbins opposite of it but now it had disappeared, anyway this chicken restaurant was in the same place. They offer really good snacks and chicken meals, really recommending it still, it's on the basement level. After eating and browsing the streets a little more we said Su goodbyes and decided to go back to Sinchon since we still had to pack and wake up early.

Day 14

We headed back home. Woke up really early like 5am, went to subway and transferred in Hongdae to airport subway line. We were at the airport around 7 and they opened check-in pretty soon so we just dropped our stuff off and went through security check. All this went by really quickly actually and before we knew we were boarding to the plane. I had fun experience this time also even if the last day wasn't that good.

Next I will start posting about my Japan travels. Also can't wait to get back to Korea again next year~

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5th Korea trip stories part 6

Hello everyone! A lot has been happening, my 1st period in school is finally over and 2nd period starting soon~ Guess what, I got accepted for student exchange to South-Korea! To Seoul of course :D Can't wait to start planning my exchange~ But anyway, let's get started with my korea trip series :)

Day 9


Daejeon and Gongju


Sirja had one korean friend in Daejeon and she and her sister invited me over also so we decided to visit, I personally like to meet new people even though I get shy sometimes. But anyway, I was excited!

First thing in the morning we took subway to seoul express bus terminal station where bus terminal was located. We took tickets for about 11am departure (can't remember the exact time) and bought some snacks for breakfast while waiting the bus to arrive to platform. It took about 2 hours from Seoul to Daejeon (Daejeon express bus terminal).

We waited couple minutes in Daejeon terminal before Sirja's friend and her sister came to pick us up. We were hungry so we went straight to eat to this budaejjigae (부대찌개) place, I happen to love budaejjigae (army stew) so I was happy :D Budaejjigae is kind of hotpot in which you can find noodles, meat, vegetables and so on.

Sirja's friend said Daejeon is not a tourist city so there's less to see but they decided to take us to Gongju. I had visited Gongju before but Sirja hadn't. But I hadn't visited the place they took us to so it was really nice for me too~ Gongju is about 20 minutes away from Daejeon. Sirja's friend and her sister took us to a mountain where the scenery was so beautiful and peaceful. We went to one cafe and enjoyed the view and chatted about everything, I really enjoyed my time there.

We walked around a bit after enjoying coffee but soon we had to head back to Daejeon because it was getting late and we still had to travel 2 hours back to Seoul. We took a local bus to Yuseong bus terminal from where we took bus to Dong Seoul terminal. Near Yuseong bus terminal we went to Paris Baguette cafe to chat some more while we were waiting our bus to leave. I had fun day and our hosts were so friendly! Even though I didn't know them before they treated me like a friend and I could comfortably talk with them. Because sometimes it can happen that when you meet your friend's friend they talk alot to catch up and you just end up sitting there and listening so I was so thankful they were so open and friendly.

I took a photo from the bus on our way back to Seoul

Day 10




Next day it was my turn to take Sirja to meet my friend. My friend is finnish and lives in Incheon with her family, I was doing my volunteer work period in Korea the same time with her but in different places. Anyway, we woke up early because we took subway to Incheon and it takes about 2 hours to where my friend lives from Sinchon station.

Our route from Sinchon to Incheon

If you're ever in Incheon area by the way, I recommend to stop at Bupyeong. I believe they have the largest underground shopping area in Korea (correct me anyone if I'm wrong). It's even bigger than Express bus terminal area in Seoul.

Anyway, we arrived on time, went to eat first in local restaurant before going over to my friend's house. It was funny in the restaurant when we went in and the ajumma (waitress) was shocked to see foreigners but she was very friendly. In that area you normally don't see foreigners (at least often).

We ate delicious mandusoup and mandus

After eating ourselves full, we went to finally meet my friend. I remembered how to walk there from station and even remembered the building (it was like two years when I last visited) but I was a bit confused with the apartment number but ended up finding it anyway. We got safely into my friend's place and were greeted by her over excited welsh corgi (it's sooooo cute) and we got to meet my friend's cute baby (squishy cute I can't even, he was so adorable). My friend also owns a cat and it's just a fluffy ball, it's nice but doesn't really care about anyone lol, it's sometimes needy for petting xD

who could really resist this attention needy corgi

As I have said before, I will not post photos about my friends or their families in case they don't want to be on my blog posts so that's why I won't post photos about my friend's baby even though I'm tempted to because he was so adorable I want to show him! (but he's my friend's baby so..)

After catching up a while, we decided to visit one mall near my friend's home. Not really sure if it was Sinsaegae or not but anyway, it was big. Went there by local bus and it took about 20 minutes to get there. We went to a cafe and did a little browsing tour in the stores but didn't really end up buying anything. We were there about 2 hours and then decided to leave because we had 2 hour trip back to Seoul city center and my friend's baby was getting quite restless. But I had a nice day catching up with my friend and Sirja apparently had nice time too because I asked if she felt left out and did I take her into consideration enough.

We headed back to Seoul by bus and got off at Hapjeong (which is almost next to Sinchon). We were really hungry and first we planned to eat in Sinchon but we came across to one korean restaurant which looked inviting so instead of going straight away to Sinchon we ate in Hapjeong.

I got kimchijjigae (kimchisoup) and Sirja got bokkeumbap (fried rice)

Next post is the last in my series and then I've finally finished with my 5th travel posts about Korea! This has been looooooong overdue but I explained last year why. And especially with school it has been very busy so usually when I have assignments I don't have any strenght to write more. But I'll try taking time on weekends. Until next time~

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5th Korea trip stories part 5

Hello guys! Again, I'm really sorry about keeping my post intervals so long but in my holiday I was in Japan and when I got back to school it was like BOOM, here's too many assignments for you D: I'll try finally finish my Korea trip stories series so I can start telling about my trip to Japan which was interesting and awesome. But anyway, let's get started~

Day 8 


On this day I went to Astro Aroha festival fanmeeting in Jangchung gymnasium. Astro is a korean kpop group that debuted 2016 and I'm a fan of especially one member. Sirja and Su accompanied me the whole day even though they didn't attend the concert.

This was the other concert that I bought tickets online for from someone else and it was a legit ticket. First when we went to the venue, we had to take subway to Dongguk univ. stop. Venue itself was right in front of exit 5, you cannot get lost! When we got out of the station I was shocked because we were there about 3 hours before event even started and there were LOTS of people. I had to line up a bit to get my ticket (I had only confirmation slip and id copy proof from buyer, I explained earlier that you need buyer's id or copy of it if you want to get your ticket). It went without problems and I got my ticket~

Translated it for you to understand better

That's how the ticket information usually looks like about in every concert, you have information where and when and then it states your place. In Astro's fanmeeting it was all seating places. When you are in seating section, the ticket states very specifically in which place you should go. In the venue, they have these huge signs telling which are which section so you can find your place pretty easily.

Anyway, after I got my ticket Sirja and Su accompanied me to go to merchandise queue because I wanted a lightstick (it's concert culture in korea to have a lightstick). But we only had two hours before doors opened and the line was soooooooooo long. We still went in the line and I was hoping to get the official lightstick. But in the end, two hours wasn't enough. Their system in mechandise tent sucked though, you had to fill a form which took time and then you could get your stuff what you wanted so because of that, so many were left without official merchandises. I ended up buying a cheap lightstick because as I said, lightstick is part of the experience. Anyway, if you go to a concert or even a fanmeet, be prepared to queue alot (to merchandise and to venue).

After my failed attempt to get the official lightstick I parted ways with Sirja and Su because it was time to go in. Before the doors there were wreaths and congratulatory messages from fans. It's also tradition that fans send for example rice and eggs to honor the artist and what I've heard, the food will be donated.

There were two queues to inside, one to ground floor, one to second floor. It was quite unclear and I had to ask couple times that I was sure I was going the right direction. But people were helpful there and I found myself to the 1st floor. I spotted my section right away but I was unsure about the rows because they were marked so that your place was actually marked in the seat in front of you. So I was confused that is my seat the one with the mark or is it the seat which in front of the mark was. So again I asked and the fans were really helpful and told me that I'm actually in the right row and pointed out my seat. If you are lost like me and can't speak korean, you can try english (though usually koreans are afraid of speaking english or don't know how to speak it) or then just point your seat number from your ticket and I'm sure they'll help.

When I sat down to my place I was admiring how good place I had and so close to the stage! It was funny that there were staffs going around and yelling that no photos during the show and "if you are seated next to foreigner, please tell them also this". But nobody next to me turned to tell me this. Well, I could understand it anyway but the persons next to me couldn't have known I can speak korean. In these kind of events you also see many foreigners who don't really speak koreans but they want to see the artist and let me say; there is no english usually used only than some small notices from the staff. So if you're a foreigner and want to attend and experience, be prepared to hear only korean. And keep and open mind, many of koreans don't speak english but they are very helpful still. In my experience, they actually speak chinese usually better than english. But it's just my experience..

When the fanmeet started, cheering was phenomenal! It was absolutely awesome to be part of the experience. Though I was in a funny situation because in my right side was an avid fan who went a little crazy throughout the concert and in my left side was apparently some fansite staff who sneakily took photos without even caring about the concert. It would be a long story trying to explain fanculture so let's just say that this "sneaky camera" -thing happens in every concert. If staff spots you taking photos, you're out and they confiscate your camera to delete your photos.

Anyway, I had awesome time. The end was memorable because during the second last song Astro performed, members walked through aisles between our seats and my favorite member, Cha Eunwoo walked beside me and I saw him from couple meters away.

Fanmeeting lasted about two hours and after it I met up with Sirja and Su again who had been waiting in the area. We said goodbyes to Su who had some school staff to do and then me and Sirja went to Hapjeong (near Sinchon) to eat dinner in a famous chicken restaurant. I have been raving about korean chicken meals before, but it's so good! I have yet to taste anything like it in other countries.
After eating ourselves full, we headed to Hongdae where we walked for a while before deciding to call it a day and went to sleep.

Next up is day 9 and 10. This post would be just too long if I would add day 9 because we went to visit Daejeon on that day.
(I seriously try to hurry up with my posts but let's see, I have too many school assignment currently >_<)

A fun ending to this post; I found this video from my photo archives which I took one day in subway~ it's from Sinchon and shows how normal korean subway station looks like, what the digital signs show and how you know the subway will arrive shortly xD

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Just a short post

Hi everyone, I came back from Japan last week and I have been kinda jetlagged and kinda just out of it since my holiday from uni ends soon. My trip to Japan with two friends was amazing and I got to experience so much! Will be posting about it after I finally get finished with my long overdue series of my last Korean trip. (seriously sorry about not posting frequently but school and other stuff took me by surprise..)

Anyway, Nordic travel fair 2018 is right around the corner and I will be going there this week on thursday and friday. On thursday I have to do some school stuff and research (kinda interesting actually) and on friday I will be going with a friend to just look around and kind of enjoying it more freely and maybe getting some material to my blog~
If you see me there just come and say hello and maybe chat with me? :) I've been so excited about my recent trip and if you like Japan, I could talk about it a loooooong time :D

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5th Korea trip stories part 4

Hello everyone! I've been super busy with school, I still have some exams coming up and assignments to do but decided to write this post anyway because it's a bit overdue.

Day 6

Olympic park

We started our morning by going to eat some breakfast to a cafe sometime around 11am. Then we headed up straight to Olympic park where 2PM 6Nights concert was held in SK olympic handball gymnasium. 2PM is one of the first Korean artists we both knew and coincidentally they had a concert in Korea at the same time we were there. So of course we had to get tickets. But don't even get me started about buying tickets because it was a total hassle.. Korean internet servers are much faster than Finland's so it's pure luck if you have a chance to grab tickets at all. We got them and our seating was waaaaay back from the stage but we were happy we could attend.

We arrived early because previously I have attended B1A4 and Block B concerts in the same venue area and in my experience it was really crowded in midday already. But when we arrived there were only few fans going around.

What you should know about korean concerts (if you ever attend) is that being a foreigner, your only option is to buy ticket online (from yes24 or interpark) and receive confirmation email. And with that confirmation email, you can get your physical ticket. But they require you to have your id with you. If your friend bought your ticket, you have to have your friend's id copy with you. ID always has to match the name in the ticket, koreans are very strict with that.

Anyway, we went around the area because ticket counters opened only 2 hours before they let us in to the venue (concert started 5pm). I haven't really gotten a chance to tour Olympic park before so it was nice, walking around it and seeing a famous Olympics monument also. The area hosted summer Olympics in 1988. It's nice area to explore and easy to get to, just take subway to "Olympic park station". There are few restaurants and cafes but the restaurants are pretty expensive. We had a coffee break in one of the cafes and then later had our dinner in one korean restaurant (it looked too fancy to be honest but it was the only option for us because the others were more expensive).

After walking around and eating dinner we just waited ticket counters to open. We had to line up to a tent where there were tables as "counters" and they had staff who checked our confirmations and gave us our tickets. It was efficient and we didn't have to queue long.

Then we waited some more time before going to queue in front of the doors. Opening of the doors was delayed by 45 minutes and we were suffering a bit because it was starting to get really cold outside. They let standing areas in first and that was taking more time than expected so that's why they were delayed. But when they finally opened the doors everything went smoothly, there were some pushing but not much. When people got in they were pretty calm at least in our side because all of us had numbered seats.

When we first saw our seats our faces propably said like "seriously". Because where our seating was it was reeeeally steep! I was afraid of falling down.. it was almost like 85 degree angle.. But we got to our seats safely and in every seat there was a banner placed which said something like "raise this up during this song". Koreans like to do this kind of events, I have done this kind of banner event before and it's fun and results are beautiful.

The stage setting was awesome, behind the screen you see in the photo was the actual stage. Unfortunately like almost in all concerts in Korea, photos weren't allowed. But I had awesome time just having fun and partying. Although I think the british gentleman in his 60's sitting next to me had more fun than me xD he was partying like crazy, his wife was into this concert too. I think their child was somewhere in the standing area. But it was funny when 2PM members came close by they noticed us because of this gentleman next to me and they were laughing at him but he had fun :D Junho and Chansung waved at us also when they went by~
We also saw GOT7 because they were in vip section close to us and 2PM members pointed them out at one point and thanked them for coming to their concert.

We had to leave during encore so we wouldn't miss last subway to our part of town (Sinchon). But it was truly a fun and awesome concert. We were so tired when we got to our hostel that we went straight to bed.

Day 7

Next day I didn't do much. Sirja went to meet some friend so I was alone whole day, just touring around Express bus terminal and Hongdae. By the way, express bus terminal in Gangnam connects also to a shopping center Shinsegae which is huge! There are lots of high end brands but you can find a little bit affordable stores also and lots of cafes and restaurants. There's also that Doredore cafe near bus stops inside terminal building, which is known from their rainbow cake.

Anyway, here's just some random food photos from the day :D


Desserts are always delicious :P

Until next time!
Next up day 8 and 9~


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5th Korea trip stories part 3

Hi everyone. So, my school got me totally off guard about how busy it was! We literally got 2 assignments per week and I had no time for my blog even in the weekends when I planned to write because I had my school assignments to do. These couple months have been sooooo busy I can't even.. but now finally, my first period is over and I have space to breathe because we always have this "free" week between periods (well, we have kinda intensive course week between but if you don't have any course for that week then you have a free week). But yeah, without any further ado let's jump into my 5th korea trip stories~

Day 4


It was raining from the early morning when we headed out. Me and Sirja went to eat breakfast first and then we met up with our friend Su and her friend. We went to Ewha where we met up with my korean friend Yeji who took us around Ewha because she studied there (almost graduated then) and Su and her friend did their exchange in Ewha. It was funny situation when we were waiting Yeji in front of one of subway exits because we got asked from Ewha tourist guides about three times if we need help :,D I guess it was because we were just standing there and the guides thought propably thought those tourists are so lost xD In Ewha, there are these guides walking around that you can recognize from their red vest, really useful to go and ask help from them if you're lost or you're looking for something specific, they speak really good english!

Anyway, I was so happy to see Yeji after a year and we had alot to catch up while she was showing us the area. It was raining but it didn't really bother us, it was nice walking around with a local who knew the best places around~

At one point we got very hungry and Yeji took us to this western kind of restaurant serving pasta. The restaurant was next to Lotte El Cube on right side and I'm not sure about the floor but I think it was 6th? Anyway, I really recommend the place, it was so good! It was a little bit more expensive than your local korean restaurant but worth it. I took the bread pasta which is pasta inside bread crust, really good! I think it's speciality of Korea if I'm not wrong.

After eating ourselves full we walked around Ewha a bit more and decided to get some coffee/tea. Yeji recommended really good place near the restaurant, it was kind of secluded looking alley where was only this one cafe. Yeji told us the owner was a barista that had studied different coffees around the world so you could taste a lot of different coffees there. I was supposed to get coffee but I was really intrigued by a honey milk tea so I decided to get that and it was soooo good! If you ever go to Korea, try their milk teas, they taste sweet but not too sweet, perfect balance between tea flavor and milk. Anyway, we just hung out and talked a long time before Yeji had to go because she had some school stuff to do. We said our goodbyes to Yeji and parted with Su's friend also because she had some things to do.

The War Memorial of Korea, Yongsan

We decided to head to The War memorial of Korea because it was still raining and the War memorial was mostly an inside museum even though they had monuments and stuff outside also. It was a little confusing to get there from Ewha but we made it! Museum was really close to Samgakji subway's exit 12.

I haven't actually visited there ever so it was new to me as well. When we first laid our eyes upon the area we were amazed. There were couple huge monuments and the museum building itself was huge. We walked around outside as long as we could (it was frickin cold because of the rain) and then headed out to museum building.

The photo above is from monument called 'brothers in arms' I think, the story is apparently famous in Korea, how two brothers who fought in different sides met in the battle field.

The museum building itself
When we got in we were kind of confused because there were like three floors and lobby was huge. We started just walking towards first exhibit when one guy from the staff stopped us and told us to wait a minute. He then called another guy, a guide who spoke english and asked if we want to have a tour with him. We were debating a little while about it but decided just tour around at our own pace because in my experience, guided tours could last quite long. So we thanked them for thinking us and went to the first exhibit by ourselves. The museum is free, by the way.

There is stuff like outfits and vehicles around every exhibit and they also have lots of video screens and they even have three to four 4D shows which are free and subtitled in english! Info about stories and things are also in english! I highly recommend to visit this museum as it brings out the past and understanding of what has made the country of Korea what it currently is.

The hallway was full of those black memorial tablets where every fallen soldier's name was written

After spending like two hours in the museum, we decided to leave because we started to get hungry. But before leaving we browsed through outdoor area where war vehicles and planes were displayed. Because whole day was so rainy we decided to just stay in Sinchon area for the evening and plan Day 5 instead of leaving to explore somewhere else.

 Day 5

Namsan hanok village and Seoul N tower

First thing in the morning we decided to make our way to Paris Baguette for breakfast. Paris Baguette is my absolute favorite cafe chain in Korea, they make delicious salty and sweet snacks and pastries! Their coffee on the other hand is so-so but I can manage with that.

After eating not-so-healthy breakfast (but filling) we went to Namsan area where we wanted to check out Namsangol hanok village first. Sirja had been there before, I hadn't so it was nice experience to see another different hanok village. As I have explained before, hanok village is a traditional korean village built like 'the old days'. But I don't actually recommend to visit Namsan hanok village if you don't have that much time in Korea since there are other more bigger and amazing hanok villages around Seoul. But if you're in the area then why not~

We walked around for awhile and then decided to go to Namsan tower, more known as Seoul N tower. It isn't far from Chungmuro station where from you can also access to Namsan hanok village (it's actually right next to subway station). There's this cable car going up and down the hill or then you can choose stairs if you're in good shape. But you need to climb up a bit first before you get to that cable car. If you're too lazy to go all the way up to cable car by walking, there's also a small elevetor going up to that cable car. But anyway, Korea is full of hills so be prepared to climb alot.

Cable car is quite expensive compared to prices in Korea usually but I guess it's because of all tourists. Roundtrip is 8500won (about 6e) and one way is 6000won (about 4,50e). We wanted to take it only to up and then walk down to save money and have a little bit of exercise :P
You should know that the cable car doesn't actually go aaaalll the way up, you will have to walk about 60 meters of stairs up still. But when you're up, view is amazing and beautiful. Truly worth it!

This was my 5th time in Korea but I hadn't actually ever visited the tower itself which is funny. I only went up to the top I think two times but never really got into that Seoul N Tower. But now I really wanted to visit the tower even though all of my friends who visited there said it's nothing special. Yup, I thought that too, it's just a beautiful view from there but you can also get beautiful view without paying anything from the experience. Because it costs 10000won (about 7,50e) which is pretty expensive from same kind of view you get for free.

We bought tickets to the tower from outside booth and then went in. There was an elevator that took us up and while going up there was this video show on the roof which was pretty cool. Although if I remember correct, in Japan in Tokyo tower they have the same kind of thing.
In the top I liked how they had different city names on the windows which showed how far is Seoul from them. We walked around just a bit and then decided to go back down because restaurants in there were so expensive and so were the souvenir shops.

We were getting hungry but checked out one deck before going down. At the feet of the tower is a love lock deck where couples can bring locks. It's a cool idea and the place looks worthy of instagram photos xD Next to deck, there's a resting pavilion area which is nice to spend time in if you for example have snacks with you (bring them before you come up!).
We were planning on going down and look for some restaurant but we were reeeeally hungry so we walked couple steps down to a level where there was two restaurants. We went to one offering different tonkasu's (pork cutlet) and we weren't disappointed. A beautiful view was just a plus, the food was delicious even though it was a little bit more expensive than normally tonkasu's would be.

After eating ourselves full, we started our exercise by going down. Oh boy, if you haven't done exercise for a while, don't do it.. I almost died xD my legs were soooo dead after we reached low ground level because first you have to come down the stairs which feel like they last forever and after it, is downhill.. so yeah, if you're crazy about sports or hiking then it's for you, else not xD

Myeongdong and Cheonggyecheon

After coming down, we went walking around in Myeongdong which is right next to Namsan hill. We were so tired though that we only walked about 20 minutes before we started looking a place to rest. By the way, one shop that I can recommend from Myeongdong is Stylenanda because it's just so unique, it sells cosmetics and clothes. The whole shop is built like a "hotel" and different floors have different hotel themes. Just a unique fun experience!

Anyway, after walking and walking we found this korean dessert cafe 'sulbing' which offers traditional korean dessert, bingsu. Which is shaved ice with other ingredients (like milk and some fruits). Reeeeally delicious! I recommend to try bingsu if you're in Korea. Sulbing also offers some other desserts and coffee~

Strawberry bingsu, one portion is enough for two people

We went back to our hostel to rest after walking whole day but then Su and her friend talked about going to Cheonggyecheon stream and we agreed. Yay more walking xD
First we went back to Myeongdong again, met with Su and her friend and decided to go eat chicken for dinner (korean chicken meals are heaven!) and then we walked around cheonggyecheon. Found a wishing well which was pretty cool!

I was personally so exhausted when we got to our hostel that I went straight to sleep. I don't recommend this kind of day without planning and if you don't like walking around alot. Well, in Korea you end up walking alot anyway but this kind of day takes reeeeally the energy out of you, especially if you haven't planned your day well. My day was fun but next time I would just propably take cable car in both ways lol.

Going to end this post here~ next up days 6 and 7.