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Tracon and stuff

So last week went fast. On friday I was very nervous about upcoming Tracon so I slept like one hour or so. My friend Linda who came to Tracon with me, also slept an hour. The only one who was bright (I think) was my other friend Annina. Our concentration were so off that we had to ask each other to repeat some sentences. But anyway, when we arrived to Tracon we finally woke up 100% because the weather was so cold in the morning. Annina went to get her staff badge and went to her assigned place while me and Linda waited the doors open. So this year they apparently didn't take any small handluggage at cloakroom in Tampere talo like last year. So we had to make extra trip to close building to leave our luggage there for a while.

I actually have no idea what we did next, propably went to leave our stuff to Tracon fleemarket? I don't know I was so out of it lol. But fleemarket was so big this year! And I didn't know you could bring fantasy books and movies there... I would have totally brought mine to sell what I won't read/watch anymore. Oh well, next year then.

I think we went to shopping hall after that and my friend Annina got herself stationed at eatyourkimchi merchandise table :D Me and Linda immediately started to think what to buy lol. I ended up with scarf because I totally don't have enough of them (that's a lie) and I also bought couple badges. Linda bought a little more. Then we just looked other sales tables and drooled some accessories. I couldn't take my eyes off from the alpaca plushies lol. But 50€ for big one was too much =__= But I found small alpaca plushie and it was only 10€ so that one I could afford. It's nice turquose color, here's a photo of it and big plushie shelf:

So after that we went to sing karaoke with Linda because kpop songs :D Then I got message from Annina that she had spotted eatyourkimchi Simon and Martina near merchandise table so we hurried there and then saw them. It was like that oh.my.god moment when you meet someone you have watched only from videos for couple years. Linda luckily got more words outside than me, I was stuttering something like "I like your outfit today, your videos are awesome." And then we got photos with them. They're really awesome guys and really wanted to talk with people and take photos with them. Those who bash them as pretenders, I can say you they're the same on and off camera~

Apparently Simon was FF Tifa's ugly brother Tofa lol. And Martina so beautiful Sailor Moon.

After that we went to our hotel Holiday Inn Tampere central station. It was just opened couple days before and everything was new. And location was great! And you actually couldn't hear trains to inside at all even though tracks were right next to the hotel! So after we dropped our stuff we went to eat and then Linda had a meeting so we stopped at Tullintori. I left Linda there and visited asianmart at bottom floor. They sell all kinds of asian food and I found especially tasty limonade in there. Too bad I didn't have time to go there again in that weekend and buy more because I would totally had bought them all lol.
When I was done shopping some snacks I headed up to Tampere talo again. I just walked there around some time before meeting up with Linda again and we went to "älä pysähdy putkessa" panel which was about how Tracon was born and what to expect in the future. So nostalgic for us to see some photos about first Tracons (at that time I was 16 years old or something).
After that panel we were really tired so we did a quick stop to our hotel to change clothes and then headed to hunt a restaurant. We ended up in mcdonalds, wow so original lol.

At Sunday we ate so much at hotel breakfast because it was included in the price and then about 11am we left towards Tampere talo. Dropped our stuff to our car and I went to eatyourkimchi picnic where only 20 participants were picked by Tracon staff. And I was one of them so yay! We had so much fun and we ate too much lol. Then at the end of picnic we all took selcas with Simon and Martina. I won't post my selca because I basically look like a panda who's got not enough sleep.

After picnic I met with Linda, Laura and couple others and went to see eatyourkimchi panel *stalkstalk*. It was nice to hear stories about they living in korea for 7 years and how they have interest also to go to Japan.

Then it was time to leave. We met Annina outside and then left Tracon. Next year again without hard raining on car trip thanks~ (we basically drove 80/kmh in 120/kmh area half the way because it was raining so hard we could barely see anything).

Yesterday I went to first physiotheraphy visit and heard that both my legs are in wrong position. So I got excercises as homework and I basically have to learn a new walkingstyle <__<

Today I had Sensai training and we were introduced to Sensai's upcoming frangrance, you can get it either perfume or edt. We got edt samples of it. It was soooo good, totally going to recommend it to many people. There weren't any estimate price because it hasn't arrived to shops yet but it's propably going to be over 100€. But it's very calming, luxury fragrance made from best ingredients so that's why price is more higher than normal fragrances. The bottle is really nicely shaped and follows Sensai's silk concept.

So that's all this time, more longer post than usual because Tracon :P

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